Jun 4, 2011

The Mighty Moleman

As I've often said, I'm not going to go to war with any critter in my yard. I've been super lucky, too, in never having an critter go to war against my plants. Have to admit the moles have been a little pesky in the last few weeks, though.

I blame the rain. According to the paper this morning, this weekend will shatter previous month-of-June rain records. (And boy do I wish I'd held off on putting the patio furniture and lights out at the end of May. But every Californian just knows it doesn't rain in June, so I thought I was safe.)

The reason I blame the rain for the reign of the Moleman is that I usually do have some springtime mole activity, but it tends to stop when the rains stop. March through mid-May or so, I find mounds of soil heaved up here and there. No biggy, I just tamp it back down. But I believe that once the soil gets dry and hard, the moles kind of give up on trying to dig through it. This year, we keep getting new little rainstorms and the soil continues to be soft and pliable. And ply it they do. It's like land mines went off out there. I hope no plants end up harmed, but I have had to unbury some. Some several times. Also, I keep finding my drip line buried, and it is not the kind that is supposed to be buried.

I use the drip system only a few times per summer but I sure hope it still works if (just kidding, when) the time finally comes that I feel I need to give the plants a little refreshment.